Our Story

Rebel Rock was founded in 2006 by Grammy award winning songwriter & producer Jim Jonsin.  Having been responsible for crafting some of music’s biggest hits over the last decade “Lollipop” (Lil Wayne), “Whatever You Like” (T.I.), “Just a Dream” (Nelly), “There goes my baby” (Usher),”Motivation” (Kelly Rowland) “Sweet Dreams” (Beyonce), Jim decided to turn his talents towards developing his own artists.

Under Jim’s guidance Rebel Rock developed and launched the career of B.O.B in partnership with Atlantic Records and Grand Hustle.  With B.O.B’s career taking off, Jim set his sights and focused his efforts on Rebel Rock’s newest voice and extraordinary talent, YouTube sensation, Leroy Sanchez. 

Rebel Rock Entertainment’s dedication to creating exceptional art continues to evolve as we build a team of creative executives determined to constantly improve the way you experience & connect with the music you love.